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Our stakeholders

Bekaert is a publicly listed company (Euronext BEKB) with a multinational business scope and footprint. We therefore interact and cooperate with many stakeholders worldwide. 

Bekaert’s strategy is focused on creating sustainable value to all stakeholders:

GRI 102-40, GRI 102-42

We commit to high performance

High performance allows us to return shareholder value to the investors, who enable us to develop and grow our business. It also enhances our ability to create economic value for the communities where we are active, as well as for the wider society.

We make our customers succeed

Our innovative product and service solutions make us the partner of choice to customers around the world. We create customer value through innovation, consistent quality, digital services and sustainable solutions. Our global footprint helps building customer centricity and shortens the supply chains, wherever our customers are located.

We are truly better together

The true strength of Bekaert lies at the heart of every employee’s passion to go the extra mile for our customers and display excellence in everything they do in all Bekaert’s subsidiaries as well as in joint ventures. Our values are ingrained in our culture and connect us all as One Bekaert team.

We care for the world around us

Our responsibility extends beyond our own organization, with clear commitments toward the environment and society. We develop solutions that contribute to a clean environment and raise our efforts to become a truly sustainable business. We support initiatives that help sustain and improve the social conditions in the communities where we are active.

Our shareholders and investors

Bekaert strives to provide timely and accurate information on the company’s strategy, performance and outlook to all stakeholders in the investment communities. 

The Chairman, members of the Executive Management and Bekaert’s Investor Relations team have communicated the new Bekaert Strategy during the Capital Markets Day in May 2021. 

We provide information on the progress we make during all meetings with investors. The 2021 meetings included virtual roadshows and conferences, webcasts, and the General Meetings of Shareholders. 

Bekaert’s disclosures, including this Annual Report, cover both financial and non-financial performance as well as market and strategic updates.

6 brokerage firms cover and publish equity research reports on Bekaert.

Our customers and supply partners

Bekaert has a wide international customer base in established and emerging markets. We serve both global and local customers with a rich portfolio of products and services.

Our investments in research & innovation, and in digital and sustainable solutions provide advanced technologies that enable our customers to meet the most stringent demands and ambitions.

Bekaert’s global presence, with deep understanding of the local needs, have made us a trusted partner in all circumstances, with a high degree of resilience against supply chain disruptions.

As the world’s largest buyer of steel wire rod, Bekaert can secure access to raw material needs and, through that, ensure delivery reliability to customers. Our supplier campaigns also help us drive sustainability upstream the supply chain.

Our employees and business partners

More than 27 000 Bekaert employees work together, as one team, to deliver quality products and services and step up our performance in safety, digital, sustainability and innovation.

Whether employed in the Bekaert fully- or majority-owned subsidiaries, or in our joint ventures, all people working at Bekaert work better together to create a great place to work with high ethics, safety, and performance standards.

We team up with industrial and academic partners to enhance our technological leadership and proactively explore innovations that stretch the boundaries of Bekaert’s existing field of play.

As a company and as individuals, we act with integrity and commit to the highest standards of business ethics. We promote equal opportunity, foster diversity & inclusion, and create a caring and safe working environment across our organization. 

Our communities and the broader society

We strive to be a good corporate citizen. We fulfil our responsibilities to each community in which we operate and promote and apply responsible and sustainable business practices.

We do not support political institutions and adopt a neutral position with respect to political issues. United by the belief that there should be no harm to anyone, we do condemn any act of violence and aggression against people.

We are committed to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. We comply with all laws and regulations applicable.

Bekaert paid € 133 million in income taxes relative to the results of 2021.

We advocate and fund initiatives that help improve the social conditions in the communities where we are active. We support community engagement programs that make a difference to people’s lives, both today and in the future.

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