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Message from the CEO and the Chairman

Dear reader,

2020 will be long remembered. The Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges and changes to the world of a magnitude that was impossible to foresee. As per the publication date of this report the pandemic is still taking a huge toll on economies and people’s lives worldwide and has fundamentally changed long established certainties and priorities.

Despite the turmoil that Covid-19 has created in our markets and in our business, we remained focused on our priorities. This enabled us to secure the business continuity of our customers, the health and safety of our people, and - at the same time - offset the impact of the pandemic on our financial objectives.

Moving forward, our ambitions reach higher. The Board of Directors and the Bekaert Group Executive have recently established the company’s strategy for the next five years with the ambition to transform the company’s business portfolio towards higher value creation. Organic growth in core markets will be supported by extending our capabilities in the areas of innovation, digital and sustainability as well as by selective acquisitions and new partnerships. 

In creating value for our stakeholders we commit to take all aspects of economic, environmental and social impacts into our consideration. We reflect and include the interests of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders in the way we drive our operations. We conduct and grow our business in a sustainable way for the benefits of all our stakeholders.

We are currently defining, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, Bekaert’s sustainability strategy for the longer term. The strategy will include the company’s ambitions that will enable us to:

  • drive growth with differentiating, sustainable solutions for our customers; 
  • create a safe, healthy, diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees; 
  • reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products;
  • foster a positive impact in the communities where we are active;
  • create sustainable value for our shareholders.

We want to thank our employees, customers, partners and shareholders for their continued trust and support.

(GRI 102-14)


Oswald Schmid                                              Jurgen Tinggren

Oswald Schmid                                                                          Jürgen Tinggren
Chief Executive Officer                                                             Chairman of the Board