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Our employees

Our commitment toward our employees

As a company and as individuals, we act with integrity and commit to the highest standards of business ethics. We promote equal opportunity, foster diversity and we create a caring and safe working environment across our organization. Our values are ingrained in our culture and connect us all as One Bekaert team.

We act with integrity · We earn trust · We are irrepressible!

(GRI 102-16)

Our employees are the driving force behind our global success. The true strength of our company lies at the heart of every Bekaert employee’s passion to go the extra mile for our customers, to care deeply for each other, and for the world around us. That’s what being better together is all about.

How we emerge stronger from the global Covid-19 crisis

Bekaert responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with global and local measures to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and their families, and of contractors and visitors on our sites. We rigorously complied with the regulations deployed in all countries that host Bekaert activities. Meanwhile, we closely communicated with customers and suppliers in order to secure business and supply continuity.

covid workstreams

From the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in China, it became clear that the epidemic had the potential to evolve into a pandemic. We wanted to be ready around the world to deal with the unprecedented challenges that this would bring about. We created eight workstreams to address the crisis. We focused on securing continuous supply to our customers, on well aligning sourcing and planning with demand, on securing liquidity, and – foremost – on protecting our people and their families. We embedded these eight workstreams in the day-to-day operations of the business units and the functions and further adapted them throughout the year, as the circumstances changed.

Our approach worked well, both when the pandemic hit our businesses hard, and in the fast rebound that followed.